CO2 cascade compressor unit more green and safety

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1.Safe and environmental friendly
High temperature stage use R404a or R507,refrigerant is largely concentrated inside compressor rack, so the refrigerant qty used is lower, the low temperature
stage uses co2, c02 is very chemically stable, non-toxic and harmless
non-flamable, it won' t generate toxic gas even with hot ambient temperature.

2.High efficiency and energy saving
High temperature side uses R404a or R507, low temperature side use CO2,CO2 has good floating and heat transfer quality, this can enable use to make a more compact system and low running power.

3.Stable function
Compressor uses Germany Bitzer brand semi hermetic reciprocating compressor, has mature production proess, low temperature is CO2 compressor, can undertake high pressure, provide good gas flow rate.

4.Smart control
The unit is controlled automatically by microcomputer, without special guard, and has many protective functions. The remote control module can be selected, so that customer can read status and operate through mobile APP and WeChat
High temperature stage: R404、R507
Low temperature stage: CO2

Food low temperature storage, quick freezing, freeze-drying,etc