Contact Plate Freezer

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Product Description

frozen praw meat blast plate freezer/contact block food freezer/contact plate freezer

Contact Plate Freezer mainly used in frozen food industry,such as fish blocks, shellfish, shrimp, meatballs, etc.


♣Contact Plate Freezer  Main feature:
1, Refrigeration system is built together with the freezing cabinet. It's ideal for small capacity
2, Air cooling or water cooling compressors are optional.
3, Doors opened on the front and rear enalbe access. Easy installed and moved
4, Unitform blocks and even pressure between aluminum plates.
5, Adopt high efficient compressor,well-insulated panels and hygeian extrusion plates

♣ Contact Plate Freezer Main parameters 
1, Digital temperature display(PLC/touch screen control panel)
2, Hydraulic system to lift and press the freezing plates
3, plates are corrosion resistant, polyurethane foam insulation
4, stainless steel insulated boards and doors.
5, cabinet is made up of heavy-duty structural frame, polyurathane insulation and stainless steel sheet 
cladding. Leak proof and folding doors at the back.
6,Frozen time:2-4hr/batch

7,Frozen capacity:500-2000kg/batch
8,Refrigerant:freon/ammonia ,water/hot gas deforsting
9,Compressor: Bitzer,Mycom,Copeland and so on